Infinity Internet Co-location Services

Posted: October 7, 2009 in Rants & Raves

Holy hell, where do I start. A little over a year ago, we went searching for the perfect co-location facility in which to rent a cabinet for a few servers for our business. Because we were dealing with the adult industry, it was very important that we find a place that met our needs. We traveled to 4 cities (Portland Oregon, Vancouver Canada, Phoenix Arizona, and Las Vegas Nevada) and checked out 8 different facilities. After much consideration, we decided to choose Infinity Internet in Portland Oregon, for a multitude of reasons. One, they had a top notch facility that wasn’t ginormous, and we felt like one in a thousand, rather than one in a million. Also, its access to light rail via the airport was the biggest for me, being that I would be traveling there often. So, a couple of monthe later (August 2008) we moved into the facility. I shipped our servers out there, and installed them.

Unfortunately, after 10 months, the project didn’t take off like we wanted it to, and we decided to take it down until we could regroup, and finish focusing on a few other things in our business. After a long talk, I decided to contact Infinity Internet on 7/1/2009 about removing our servers. This was 45 days before our contract expired with them. Little did we know, our contract auto-renewed 60 days prior to expiration, and they were requiring us to pay the roughly $16k yearly bill, immediately. We tried to explain to them that we weren’t aware of the auto-renew clause, and that we had made an honest mistake. I dealt with their billing department for a few days, and they said they’d give us a break of some sort.

So, after several days of waiting, I finally got a response from them. They were requiring us to pay 75% of the annual cost! Holy fucking shit. 75% of $16k, and we would get NOTHING in return? My boss was pissed, and we decided to pull our servers ASAP. I traveled to Portland and packed everything up. While I was out there, I ran into the VP of sales. I had a quick talk with him about it, and he said he’d talk to their CFO and get back to me. Later that day the VP of sales called me back and said that he had negotiated a deal for us to pay 25% of the full year cost, or 3 months. That means we were still paying more than $4k, for absolutely nothing. All because we had been 15 days late giving our notice. Now, I could understand if we were 15 days away from contract expiration, but this makes NO sense to me, and doesn’t seem like a way to earn our business back. We paid CASH for the first year, up front, and our intention was to bring our business back to them once we were able to regroup and get our shit together. Well, these guys didn’t give a fuck about our potential future business, and decided to burn the bridge with us.

So, here I am writing this blog to try to save others from going through the headache we had to go through, and are still dealing with, with Infinity Internet. They are sneaky, and only give a fuck about money, and nothing else. Their sales people were nice enough to get us in the door, then stab us in the back to get the rest of the money from us.

Since we removed our equipment, Infinity Internet has now submitted our account to a collections company without even contacting us asking us to pay the full amount. What a scam!

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH INFINITY INTERNET! And feel free to contact me if you have any questions about them.

Who would I recommend? A small, but reliable, facility here in Denver, Colorado called Red Rocks Datacenter. They are awesome, though quite small. If you’re looking for a TIER 4 datacenter, this isn’t place, but they are TIER 3.


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