Verizon and their “4 times 3G coverage” commercials

Posted: October 19, 2009 in Rants & Raves, Technical

I’ve noticed that Verizon has started a new ad campaign stating that they have 4x the 3G coverage over AT&T. This is great and all, but I feel that it greatly targets customers who don’t know anything about what the term 3G means.

First, 3G means 3rd Generation. This has nothing to do with speed, or anything like that. It has to do with the generation of network technology used to make your cell phone work. The sad thing about the Verizon network, is that it’s running on CDMA, which is OLD technology from when the world was switching from analog to digital cellular. AT&T, on the other hand, is running a GSM network that is only about 5-6 years old in most areas. CDMA is at least two to 3 times as old, and can’t handle the data speeds that a GSM network can.

So, when Verizon says they have 4x the coverage, the thing they aren’t mentioning is that the speed is less than 1/5 the capability of a GSM 3G network. I have an AT&T 3G phone, and I ran a speed test on it the other day. I got about 1.5MB/sec. My co-worker has a verizon phone and when he runs a speed test, he gets around 155k/sec. It’s horribly slow. Like browsing the web on a 56k connection. Don’t believe the hype!!

Top this off with the fact that you CANNOT, and never will be able to use data and voice at the same time on a CDMA network, and GSM wins all around.

Go to your local Verizon store and ask a sales person to compare data speeds between them and AT&T. They probably won’t have any idea what they’re talking about, and will try to tell you that their network is better. They are confusing consumers.


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