Why I hate the PS3

Posted: November 30, 2009 in Rants & Raves, Technical

I just recently purchased a PS3 after holding out for so long. I already own an xbox 360 and a Wii, but I purchased the PS3 because it was time to get a blu-ray player for my new TV. I figured it’d be the best option to just get a PS3, then I’d have all its extra capabilities.I pulled the PS3 out of the box, all excited to set it up and get it going, even though I had no games for it. I had purchased a blu-ray movie to test it out, so that was my first experience. I love how it has all the standard technologies you’d find in most computers/electronics these days (wifi, bluetooth, HDMI, standard USB plugs, etc), however this tends to hold it back in some ways.

First thing I do is plug in my controller, which is completely dead. Then I realize that the charging cord included is only 18″ long. How the hell am I supposed to sit in my couch and set up the console without the controller? And how do you expect me to sit 18″ from a 58″ TV? Then I noticed that there’s no charging indication when the console is off. There’s no info I can find that says whether or not it charges while the console is turned off. The 360 can’t charge unless it’s on either, which I think is a huge mistake! So, I let it charge for a bit before I dove in to set it all up.

Next comes the basic setup. When I first got it, I had an amp that didn’t support HDMI audio, and my new TV that did support HDMI. So of course I hooked it up to HDMI video, but then ran an optical cable to my amplifier for the audio. Come to find out that you actually have to set it up to output audio from multiple ports. What a pain. But ok, it works. With the 360, if you use HDMI, you can’t use optical audio, so it’s definitely a plus over the 360.

I went through all the cumbersome setup stuff, which I felt took far too long. I’m a techie, but damn were there ever a lot of things that it should have been able to set to defaults, or detect on its own. Then I loaded up PS Home, which I learned about long before it came out. Once I got in there and played around, I started noticing that my left thumb was killing me after only a few minutes. WTF? Then I looked closer and realized the difference between the PS3 controller, and the 360 controller. on the 360 controller, the d-pad and left stick is swapped. This means that on the 360 controller, your thumbs are in a more ergonomically correct position for typical game play. Since the left stick is generally your primary control (over the d-pad) it’s more comfortable to have it in the way the 360 controller is. Then I noticed that they basically changed nothing between the PS2 and PS3 controllers. Lame.ok, PS3 is all set up and ready to play with. So, I pop in a blu-ray and start playing it. Looks great, and works perfectly. It’s a little slow loading some of the stuff, but whatever. That’s cool. So I decide to take my Logitech Harmony remote upstairs to my computer to add the PS3 so that I can control it with my universal remote. So I add it to my remote and it informs me I’d need an extra device. WTF? Seriously? The PS3 doesn’t have a damn infrared port? Holy crap, what a failure. They tried to provide the latest technologies by using bluetooth for its remote control, but failed to add something that 99% of universal remotes use to control devices. INFRARED. Seriously, lame. To fix this problem I was going to have to spend $60 on an adapter that converted IR commands into bluetooth. That’s a new game for my PS3! I may have money, but I am no bottomless pit. The solution was to purchase the Nyko Blu-Wave remote control ($13 at Best Buy on clearance) that includes a USB Ir adapter, and remote control. This was easy to add to my harmony remote. The only down side is that Sony added no capabilities to turn on/off the PS3 with remote commands. Another big fat LAME. It’s like Sony wasn’t thinking when they designed this thing. Either way, I figure that if I’m watching a movie (when I’m going to use my Ir remote), I’m going to walk up to it to put in a disc anyway, so who cares about turning it on and off remotely.

The slot-load drive, compared to the one on the Wii, seems slow, cumbersome, unreliable, and noisy. Half the time it pulls the disc in halfway, then I have to help it along. Especially if it’s a netflix disc which has paper on the center portion of the disc. Inserting that same disc in the Wii returns zero issues (except of course that the Wii can’t read bluray/DVD). The Wii simply has a more reliable slot load mechanism. It’s faster, and doesn’t get stuck loading the disc, and doesn’t sound like a semi getting off the freeway.

The next day I decided to watch another blu-ray disc. With the console turned off, I inserted the disc. The Console turned on, booted up and was ready to go. Then I started searching in the video tab to find the movie, and it’s not there. So, I eject the disc, and pop in another. Still not there. Nothing. Now all of a sudden my blu-ray drive doesn’t work? So, I eject the disc, turn off the PS3, and turn it back on. Once booted up, I insert the disc, and it works fine. WTF? So I turn off the console, and turn it on using the slot load function to get it going. Sure enough, when you use the slot load function of the PS3, to power on the PS3, it will not read what is in the drive. I can’t confirm this with games since I don’t have any yet, but how lame that? What a huge bug that needs to be fixed.

Oh how I love my xbox 360. The built in Netflix playing, and all its extended xbox live features that Sony could never dream of. Netflix sent me the new blu-ray disc that supports netflix streaming, and I was severely disappointed. Compared to the xbox netflix player, the BD live version is severely lacking. Lame.

Can’t change my online username. That’s plain stupid. The only way is to create a new one, but they don’t let you because you already have one associated to an email address. Sony sucks

There’s more, but of course I can’t remember at this moment. I will add more as I remember it.

  1. Anil Solanki says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but the situation with accounts is exactly the same on Xbox live, you cannot change your account name, you cannot move to another country and change your country.

    If you move to a different country you have to start with a new account, the Playstation Network will allow you to use an associated email address. You simply have to associate another email address to your old account before opening your new account. Either way it sucks on both platforms.

    In favour of the PS3, you do not have to pay to play your buddies online, with the Xbox and Xbox live you have to pay to play online. That really sucks.

    • Ricky says:

      Actually, Xbox Live does allow you to change your name, however they charge you for it. I think it was $5 the one time I did mine. I’m not sure about the country change though. I agree that it sucks that you have to pay for xbox Live, but really I only pay $40/year (not the regular $50) which equals $3.33/mo. The advantages you get as an xbox live gold subscriber (far more than you get with the free playstation stuff) are really pretty damn awesome. So really, you get what you pay for.

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