HAI SDK + Kinect SDK = Awesome

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Home Automation, Technical

I’ve been working with the HAI SDK for a couple weeks now, slowly building an application for myself, and that I can share with the public as it gets a bit better. This past weekend, things got ridiculous. I had this bright idea to add Kinect voice detection capabilities to the HAI application. Still a lot of work to be done to make it better, but so far this is pretty freakin cool. Eventually I can also use the Kinect to detect motion, and act based on certain rules (i.e. if security armed and motion detected, take video then send email notification)

The volume of the computer is a bit low, and this should be watched in 720p full screen to really be able to see what’s going on. But here’s my first version of Kinect and HAI together.

  1. Dan Begallie says:

    Your are right…it is freaking awesome. Any progress beyond the video? I also dabble with some HAI programming so I know it can be a pain…

    • Ricky says:

      It has been awhile, but I do plan on getting back into this. Finally got moved into our new house and was able to get the HAI system mostly set up. I still have quite a few things I want to change from within the software before I make it publicly available, but that’s something I do plan on doing eventually.

  2. ron says:

    That is quite an extensive set up but the end results will be amazing. Great video! I tinker with some home automation programming, and this article helps a lot.

  3. Mike Coffey says:

    Just wondering if you were still thinking about sharing your app? Was thinking about doing something similar but I am not that great with c#. I have a java app for notifications that I have been working on.

  4. Andrew says:

    Hi Mate, How far have you come with this? Please email me with more info andrewr@alloys.com.au

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