Assassin’s Creed IV – Black Flag

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Rants & Raves, Technical

I was really hoping this would be a better version than AC3 was. Unfortunately, I have been let down again. If you haven’t already read my review on AC3, check it out. I go into great detail about why the game was ruined. AC4 is more of the same.

The fighting mechanics are now boring, and consist mainly of blocking an enemy, then pressing X to kill them. You can’t attempt to fight and block at the same time, because if you do, you’ll miss your opportunity to block the enemy’s incoming attack, and you will die. Period. This game is all about defensive fighting rather than offensive fighting. It leave a lot to be desired in comparison to the AC2 trilogy. They ruined this game by redesigning that.

Free-run is still broken. The fact that you can’t differentiate between run and climb mode, means that you are constantly climbing shit when you don’t want to. It’s stupid, and another thing that has ruined this game in comparison with the AC2 trilogy.

Bugs are still rampant. I took down a fort, then a ship outside that fort. I attempted to board that ship before going to the fort. Game got stuck, and I had to restart the mission. Had a couple other times where I Had to restart the mission because the game was totally lost. Bummer.

I don’t care what anyone says, I think the naval missions are stupid. This is not “Pirate’s Creed”. This is ASSASSIN’S CREED. I don’t want to be a god damn ship captain. I want to do what I did in the first 2 versions of AC. I want to kill people and climb on call buildings and stuff. That’s all gone now, and is hardly the majority of the game. It sucks that you can’t play the game without doing naval missions. I just want to be an assassin. Besides, the naval stuff is BORING, and extremely slow moving. Taking down ships takes forever, and you have to take down tons of ships to be able to upgrade your own ship to be able to continue to do missions. I think Ubisoft should make a pirate game. People would love it, but I wouldn’t buy it. I’m not dogging the gameplay itself, because they did a great job with the naval portion of the game… it’s just not my “cup of tea”.

Lots of great new things in this version of the game, and a lot of other great fixes compared to AC3. But the attention to being a pirate has brought me extreme boredom.

  1. MioYuki says:

    I totally agree..

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